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Tom Cavalier


Can’t even begin to tell you the amazing comments and feedback we got from the show on Wednesday. It was amazing. People who have been attending this conference for 20+ years were saying it was the best Wednesday night event we had ever had, BY FAR! The person in charge of doing next year’s conference turned to a friend of mine during the show and said: “Holy S**T! I am so screwed! We can never top this!”. The positive comments kept coming. One person who writes a blog for the ticketing profession did a “20 Takeaways from the 2020 Conference” and the #3 take away was “Danny Frank can throw a party” and basically saying how great the show was. The next day those who didn’t realize how good it was going to be and skipped it to do what they felt was something better, only to hear from everyone else that they missed out and then they were PISSED they missed it. So a GRAND SLAM home run and more all around. So thanks to you and Mike and the whole band for an amazing night. Also, not that you probably ever need it, but feel free to use me as a reference if anyone else ever has questions about booking them for a corporate event. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon. Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure working together and hope we do it again in the future.

All the best-

Danny Frank
SVP, Global Manager, Client Entertainment & Ticket Services